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14 JUNE –2 JULY 2019

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Bienvenidos a nuestros amigos de Ecuador!

This weekend we are delighted to welcome the 21 Ecuadorian Missionaries to our Parishes. 

Our two Parishes will come together at the 11.00 am Mass at IHM to greet our friends from Ecuador, which will be celebrated by Bishop Peter.




After the success of the Mission of parishioners from Chesham and Great Missenden in Ecuador in August 2018, we will be thrilled to receive around 25 young ecuadorian missionaries in our parishes from 14 June to 1st July 2019. Their mission will be to come and help us concretely in our parishes.


Three parishes one family

When our missionaries to Ecuador came home they said to their surprise they had received far more from their new friends in Ecuador than they had given. How can we repay that gift of love and hospitality?

By welcoming missionaries from Ecuador into our parish lives:

Will this solve poverty?                          No

Will this repair earthquake damage?       No

Will this feed the hungry?                        No

Will this cement a lasting relationship between our three parishes and add to the store of love in the world?   YES IT WILL

Some fresh news…

We have created 7 teams to organise the mission: Work, Housing, Meals, Transport, Activities, Fundraising and Communications.

The programme will include work in schools, parish buildings and parish life.

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A Chrsitmas Message from Ecuador 2018

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